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Shabana Azmi Appreciation Post

Just through watching her act and listening to her speak - whether it be about current affairs in India/around the World, politics, or about the art within acting - you learn a lot from this woman just by hearing her words. You don’t have to be an actor in training, or a scholar to want to listen to her - you can be you, and you will still learn a heck of a lot. I can safely say that over the past few years, as I’ve grown older and learnt more and more about the world and it’s ways, Shabana-ji has had a huge influence on me and how I hold myself and express myself - even on how I see myself as an individual - a strong independent woman, living on my terms and expressing myself, not letting any sort of dominance overwhelm or take over me. I can hold my head high and say that I am happy as me - as an individual.
She is the only female actor (or even overall actor) in the industry that has had such an influence on my thoughts and has had me thinking on subjects that have helped me grow into a stronger person.
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