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Madhubala & Madhuri - by (pooja-mahi-rai)

- So I couldn’t help noticing similarities between the two (apart from the fact that they both have that 1000 volt smile which is their main similarity)
- I was watching Devdas earlier on today - and seeing as I have the whole of Mughal-e-Azam imprinted into my memory after watching it a billion times - I noticed a few small hints of Madhu in Madhuri’s performance. Both exceptionally talented and bot memorable. 
The last similarity struck me the most! I was like :O I’VE SEEN THAT BEFORE! :D And I smiled like a doofus.

- Pooja

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    Madhubala & Madhuri To the person who made these gifs, hats off! I have been looking for a side by side comparison of my...
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    lolol I noticed this the first time I watched Devdas. Many scenes in that movie are heavily Mughal-e-Azam influenced.